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Feast Fun

The Feast is a time of great fun. That's what God designed it to be; a special time to "Rejoice before the Lord."

Like Jesus, we can say that those around us rejoicing before God and doing the will of our Father in Heaven are our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. They are family.

The Anderson family. Used by permission.

It's not just that we attend an activity and have fun together, although that definitely happens. It's that we share in a Spirit. The Spirit of God. That makes us part of each other. Part of God's Kingdom in the deepest ways that shape us, motivate us and guide us.

The joy the Andersons displayed at Mandurah Feast 2021 was just one of many instances of the joy and love of God so many shared during the Feast of Tabernacles. The love shared by those who are citizens of His Kingdom.

In God's Kingdom, His citizenship is not a dry and dusty certificate to be pulled out when we have a dispute. Instead, it's His full payment of an abundant life provided for us every day of our lives - now and into an eternal life.

And that eternal citizenship was gifted through the life, sacrifice and resurrection of our Lord and elder brother, Jesus Christ.

I hope that the reminder of God's love - of the citizenship He has reserved for us in Heaven - that we experienced during the Feast will serve to remind us and infuse our lives with joy every day of the year.

- Peter McLean

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