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Feast Organisation Update

God has richly blessed the organisation of this 2021 Feast. All of our events are being confirmed as we get closer to the Feast. You can visit the Schedule to see where all of the events are being held and individual pages will be published on the website this coming week, with full details for each event and a map to its location.


Here are the latest Event updates:

  • Thursday night's Dinner and Quiz will be held at Sunbreakers Restaurant in Mandurah. Sunbreakers have been great partners with us for the Feast over the years, so we're looking forward to a great night there.

  • The picnic Lunch location on Saturday has been confirmed as Henry Sutton Grove park in Halls Head. This is a lovely spot by the canals and the inner estuary, looking back across to the centre of Mandurah.

  • We will be finalising the Sunday Night Dance location this coming week, as we have scouted a better location and are just checking on the details :) Keep an eye out.

All final event details should be available by the end of the week (Friday 21 August), but if you have any questions about a particular event, feel free to contact our team.

Worship Services

The Worship Services form the crux of the Feast - hearing from the Word of God and worshipping Him together. As is noted on the Schedule, Services are held predominantly at Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club, but the Saturday Sabbath Service will be held at Mandurah Bowling and Recreation Club at 89 Allnutt Street, Mandurah. We will be in the Main Hall, which is a left turn after you enter through the main entry and foyer. If you are attending on the Saturday, please make sure you have the right place :)

Eagerly Expecting the Feast

This Feast is shaping up to be a joyful celebration and we are thrilled to have so many joining us. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 issues around Australia, it looks like a number of friends who were going to travel to Perth for the Feast may be prohibited from doing so.

Please pray that, if at all possible, these COVID-19 issues may be resolved in time for those wishing to celebrate the Feast in Perth to come, just as we pray for those communities and our many friends and family around the world as they face the challenges of the spread of COVID-19 variants.

As we eagerly await the Feast - just as we want to eagerly await the return of the King himself, I thought I would leave you with this thought from one of the Psalms of Ascent.

We're looking forward to rejoicing together with you before our God!

Peter J. McLean

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