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Feast WA 2022 Event Schedule Finalised and Posted Online

The full Feast of Tabernacles W.A. 2022 schedule has been finalised and updated online. We have more actvities than originally planned, so be sure to check the event schedule, by clicking the button below. While there, click 'read more' for individual event descriptions.

Individual event registration details, including menus and pricing, will be sent out within the next couple of days, but you can jump the wait and advise by writing an email letting us know what activities and meals you plan to attend.

Most of the meals and activities require pre-orders and pre-bookings for the best service and to ensure our seats, so we ask you to advise us as soon as possible.

If you know of others planning to attend the Festival who have not yet registered online, please advised them to do so immediately or, if they do not have internet acces, they can call me (Peter) on 0435 127 320.

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