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Plato's Cave and Seeing the Light

Feast of Tabernacles 2021

Paul Krautmann, former church pastor, spoke of our citizenship in Heaven and how we see things and want to share things about the Kingdom - we have seen the light of the Kingdom - but the world will oppose that truth. It does not make that truth any less real, nor does it decrease our need to tell others about that light and truth.

Referring to Plato's Republic and his allegory of "The Cave", Paul demonstrated that people are unknowing prisoners to the world. They live and dwell in shadow, like people raised all their life in a cave, restrained like prisoners, looking all their life at a wall, while behind them a fire glows as a source of light, casting shadows on the walls. All they see is the shadows played out on the walls. They don't even know that what they are seeing is merely a dim projection of the reality. Instead, they think the shadows are the real thing because that is all that the people see.

Without God opening their eyes and turning them to reality - without God helping one out of the cave - no-one can see what's actually real. When God opens our eyes to the reality of Him and to the reality of the Kingdom, we want to tell others about the true source of light and the actual reality casting those shadows, but people can't understand because they are still prisoners of the cave and can't turn by themselves and exit the cave to find reality by themselves.

While deceived as to the true nature of the Universe, people and society continue to travel down paths that twist the real world, because they are dealing with nothing but shadows - projections - and not the true substance of the world. It's because of this blindness to God's reality, that our perceptions and understanding of what is true, what is just and what is right, is increasingly at stark contrast to the way the rest of the world views the world.

Paul concluded by encouraging us to adhere to the light, the reality, of God and His Kingdom, to live according to the truth that God reveals and to continue to share that truth despite opposition, as God opens the eyes of others.

Paul's sermon reminds us that Christians must base their lives on the reality of the Kingdom of God. During the Feast of Tabernacles, we rehearse this reality in every way - through our relationships, our celebration, our stories, our worship, our messages, our love for one another and our sharing of the love of God for us and all humanity, which we see represented through the Feast - God's promise of providing a Feast for all humanity.

Meditate on these things as the world around us descends into un-reality.

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