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Thank you!

What an inspiring and moving Feast of Tabernacles we experienced in Mandurah.

The Feast was a tremendous reminder that God's Holy Word has shown us how He will make those who accept Christ blameless in Him at His Coming.

There is such enormous comfort and encouragement in the Truth of the Resurrection, the Return of Jesus Christ, the establishment of the Kingdom of God for a thousand years before the final judgment and descent of the throne of heaven to earth. We cannot praise our God enough for His love and His plans.

Yet, the Feast's theme that we are to be "Preserved Blameless At His Coming" and the exposition of 1 Thessalonians 3:11-5:28 throughout the Feast showed us how this future hope is lived out in our present reality, as He sanctifies us, making us holy just as He is holy.

One of the most encouraging aspects for me, personally, was the presence and discussion of those committed to their faith in Christ. Despite the forces that try to take them away from belief in Jesus Christ and the Love of the Father, they are faithful in keeping God's Word and His Plan of Salvation at their heart's core.

Their certainty that the Son of God - who was before all things, came down to earth as a man and servant, lived and died for us, was declared the Son of God by power through His resurrection - will come again, bringing His holy ones with Him to establish peace and justice flowing like a mighty river, builds us all up and prompts our loving witness in this age.

The power of the Holy Spirit was at work through our Feast, as manifested in the brave works and witness some demonstrated even during the Festival. We were reminded constantly that our Salvation is not just for our sake, but that we may take that Salvation on Christ's behalf out into the churches and the world now, on into the Millennium and then throughout the universe as all things, even eternity itself, become our realm of service to our Lord.

And that's what we do at the Feast: we praise God, as we truly hear His Word and respond with works of faith, and we labour in love and encourage one another in Christ as we look for and wholeheartedly endure towards the hope of His return and our life in glory.

It's a tremendous reminder and celebration. I know that my life, the life of my wife, and that of our family, would be ever diminished if we did not celebrate the awesome days of the Feast of Tabernacles. How wondrous is God in all His ways, that this Festival so demonstrably points to the reality of our coming King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

If you did not join us this year, I ask you to consider and plan now to attend in whole or in part from October 17-24, 2024, in Mandurah. Invite others also to learn more and join us.

Finally, thank you once more from the depths of our hearts, to all who participated. And thanks be to God Our Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

May God Bless you and keep you blameless in holiness at the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Peter & Mary

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